​​"BEST BY" VS "USE BY" DATES: Most food come with either a "best by" date or a "use by" date. Many times we received donated food items that must be thrown out because they are past their usable date. If you'd like more information regarding the differences between the "best by" and "use by" dates, please CLICK HERE

​​SHELF LIFE: Many items can be stored, used, and eaten after the "best by" date. We can take items that are beyond their date, however, we follow the guidelines found HERE

FOODKEEPER APP: The USDA and internet marketplace have developed some great apps that can assist with proper food storage guidelines. Visit your iTunes or GooglePlay stores to find food storage apps.

We are so very grateful to the Colville Community, and our Corporate Partners for the tremendous generosity that is shown to our organization every year. Without you, we could not function and assist as many families as we do every year.

We can only accept unopened items, that have not exceeded their food safety and consumption recommendations.

CHECK THE DATE: We often received donated food items that are beyond the safe use recommendations for consumption. For example, a can of green beans is usable for 2-3 years after the "best by" date. If a can of green beans, with a "best by" date of Jan 2012 is donated, it cannot be given to food bank customers for health and safety reasons. It must be thrown away. Food pantries do not have the capacity to accept food not fit to eat. It is the donor’s responsibility to make the effort to donate edible food. By following the guidelines listed below, and in the links to the left, it will help us eliminate unnecessary waste from donated food items that are beyond their shelf-life or usable date. If you are not sure about the food you wish to donate, please contact us for advice.

When donating food, please follow these guidelines:

GARDEN PRODUCE: Please remove all excess dirt from the produce, but do not wash or clean garden produce. Doing so invites bacteria to grow. Instead, donate your produce after harvesting as soon as possible, in the condition it is in before washing. It is a good idea to contact us to let us know that you’re bringing in produce and how much, especially if it’s a large amount.

WILD GAME, AND FARM-RAISED BEEF AND PORK: We CAN accept wild game, beef or pork. If it has been processed in a licensed facility, and it's local, give us a call and we'll pick it up. If the product has been processed at home, at least one of the individuals processing must have a current food handler’s card. To obtain a card is an easy process and can be done online. They’re good for 2 years and the process offers basic up to date food safety requirements. If you would like to donate game, beef or pork, contact your local food pantry for details.

NON-PERISHABLE CANNED AND BOXED ITEMS: We accept most food items that are at or beyond their "best by" date. However, there are food items, such as; Baby food, baby formula, cranberry sauce, and prepared pancake or biscuit mixes cannot be used after the ‘use by’, ‘sell by’ or ‘best by’ dates.  If you have questions regarding the food items you wish to donate, please check out the links on the left, or give us a call for advice. 

NON-FOOD ITEMS: We also accept non-food donations such as shampoo/conditioner/body wash, toothpaste, laundry soap, etc. These items are given to families in transition, those who are fleeing a domestic violence situation, and to the homeless. 



If your organization would like to host a food and/or coin drive, please contact us to let us know about it - so we can advertise it here, and to help with any suggestions or ideas. You can call 509.684.2971 - ask for Michelle or Roxanne.